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EoC Multiswitch MS17/10NEA-4

EoC Multiswitch MS17/10NEA-4

Product description:

17in/10out standalone multiswitch for distribution of 16 SAT IF signals including UHF band for up to 10 users.
External data link 1 Gbit/s (RJ45), 10 coaxial links 100 Mbit/s.
Power supply PA12 F is included in the package.
For use only with EMP-Centauri NET CLASS wall sockets!
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last update: 13-06-2016

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DiSEqC switch S2/1ECT-1 (E.162-CT/DT)

2in/1out DiSEqC 2.0 switch for 2 satellite positions and 1 subscriber, equipped with by-pass for terrestrial band from input A. It is designed for switching between 2 multiswitches, with using command Position (type S2/1ECTpos-1, receiver setting A/B) or Option (type S2/1ECTopt-1, receiver setting A/C). Version Position is preferred as an addition to an existing non-DiSEqC multiswitch (for 1 LNB), for switching between DiSEqC multiswitches (for 2 LNBs) is version Option required.
Note: use switch S4/1PCT-W2 if total number of received satellites exceed 4.

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